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Turned Wood

Sawyer Creek Artistry Yarn Bowls

Yarn Bowls

Sawyer Creek Yarn bowls are handcrafted from native Ozarks wood species and designed to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Bowls are sanded smooth and finished with multiple coats of shellac (a “Green” natural finish ) to provide a smooth, snag-free surface. Each bowl has a ‘J-hook’ slot to pull yarn through. The slot has a wide opening at the top and a small round hole at the tip – design elements that are a result of suggestions from experienced knitters.

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Turned Seam Rippers

Hand crafted seam rippers from native Ozark woods

 Hand Made Seam Rippers

Sawyer Creek seam rippers are handcrafted tools that every quilter or sewer will appreciate. The wood used to make the handle is either from native Ozarks species or from the pruning of Olive trees grown in the Holy Land. As with all Sawyer Creek products, the finish is made from natural oils and waxes – in this case, a mixture of shellac and carnauba wax. Over time the wax may wear off, but the oil from the hand holding the ripper will add a nice patina to the handle. Handles are available in several wood species including; Cedar, Cherry, Locust, Oak, Olive, Sycamore, and Walnut.

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Pet Urns

Sawyer Creek Artistry handcrafts unique wooden urns for your pet’s ashes. We are mindful that it is the final resting place of a loved family member. The warm, natural look and feel of wood provides an elegant memorial that can be displayed in your home. A pet is a member of the family, loved and respected when alive – fondly remembered when gone. A simple wooden urn containing the pet’s ashes can be a comfort and reminder of the loving affection you shared.

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