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Pet Urns

Sawyer Creek Artistry handcrafts unique wooden urns for your pet’s ashes. We are mindful that it is the final resting place of a loved family member. The warm, natural look and feel of wood provides an elegant memorial that can be displayed in your home. A pet is a member of the family, loved and respected when alive – fondly remembered when gone. A simple wooden urn containing the pet’s ashes can be a comfort and reminder of the loving affection you shared.

Sawyer Creek Pet Urns –

Inspired – The shape of these urns may be reminiscent of Greek, Chinese or Southwestern Native American pottery. This is no accident. These forms are classics because they are practical, as well as visually pleasing.
Handcrafted – Urns are crafted on a lathe and fashioned using hand tools. The shape is dictated by the intended use of the item and the eye of the turner as it relates to wood grain and color.
Local – Most are species native to the Ozarks, such as black walnut, cedar and osage orange. Exotic and imported wood species are never used.
Natural Finish – Wood finishes use a variety of naturally occurring oils, sealers and waxes such as carnauba or beeswax. Urns do not have the plastic look of acrylic or polyurethane finishes.
Green – Urns are created from timber that has been downed by storms, tree trimming or farm clearing. Trees are not downed just for turnings. We will not add to the problem of global deforestation and species decline. Only finishing products made from naturally occurring substances and produced without heavy metals are used on our urns. This avoids the environmental damage done by the volatile organic compounds (VOC) evaporating as polymer finishes cure. Even the packaging is environmentally sensitive – boxes and padding are made from recycled paper.

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