Sawyer Creek seam rippers are handcrafted tools that everyone who quilts or sews will appreciate. The wood used to make the handle is either from native Ozarks species or from the pruning of Olive trees grown in the Holy Land. As with all Sawyer Creek products, the finish is made from natural oils and waxes – in this case, a mixture of shellac and carnauba wax. Over time the wax may wear off, but the oil from the hand holding the ripper will add a nice patina to the handle. Handles are available in several wood species including; Cedar, Cherry, Locust, Oak, Osage Orange, Olive, Maple, and Walnut.

The shape of each handle is unique; some thin, some quite thick and many with decorative markings and grooves. These shapes are designed to be ergonomic as well as aesthetically pleasing. Those with arthritis or tendonitis will find that thicker handles are more comfortable and easier to use than the generic rippers sold in stores. The blades and stilettos are manufactured from Japanese tool steel and will hold their edge for years. Standard handle length is 3″. Custom lengths and thicknesses are available upon request.

Blade storage is accomplished by pulling the blade out of the handle, reversing it 180° and then inserting it back in the handle, blade first. The handle has a spring steel clamp that holds the blade firmly in place. No more crawling on the floor looking for little plastic tops!

Seam rippers are available in three styles; Combo, Necklace and Stylus.

The Combo style has a seam ripper on one end and a stiletto on the other. The Necklace style has a seam ripper blade on one end and a magnet on the other end which attaches to the necklace. The Stylus type has a seam ripper blade on one end and a touch screen stylus on the other.

Available for a limited time — COLORWOOD
Colorwood was manufactured in Vermont by the Rutland Plywood Co. The wood is a laminate of multiple layers of dyed Vermont birch. The owners of the company were proud of the fact that their product was made from locally sourced woods and laminated with environmentally friendly adhesives. Unfortunately, the mill burned to the ground in 2014 and Colorwood is no longer manufactured. Sawyer Creek has obtained some Colorwood from a local Missouri source and is making seam rippers and crochet handles from this hard-to-find wood. We will continue using this attractive wood until our supply runs out.

And now for the ultimate in quilting/sewing accessories – a foam lined, molded rifle case to store and carry your seam ripper. This case is a scaled down version of cases made by a well-known manufacturer of rifle and gun cases. Carry your ripper in style! But don’t try to get it past TSA. It is NOT approved for airline carry-on.