The Artists of Sawyer Creek

Sawyer Creek Artistry is a creative, collaborative effort by owners Rich and Becky Wolpert. Rich is originally from the suburbs of New York City, but fell in love with the Midwest when he and Becky moved to the Ozarks in the early 70s. Becky was born and raised in Kansas City, MO. Her Midwestern roots are strong and deep. They moved back to NY in the early 80’s so that Rich could return to run his family’s business – a manufacturer of equipment for theatre, film and TV. After 25 years of raising children and running the business back East, the call of the Midwests open spaces became too hard to ignore. They returned to the hills of the Missouri Ozarks in 2007, where the laid-back lifestyle and rural setting provided the perfect environment to develop artistic interests into a practical business.

Rich’s medium is wood. He uses a lathe to create quilting and crochet tools, yarn bowls, urns, and other items for the fabric arts. A scroll saw is used for more decorative items such as ornaments and wood art. With years of experience in industrial product design he has developed a unique insight into the use of material and form to achieve a desired result. The use of wood as a medium is an appropriate choice because of its natural feel and distinct color. Combining this organic medium with creative experience has resulted in turnings that are visually interesting while still being functional.

Becky is an experienced quilter, with an exacting eye that reflects her years working as a bookkeeper and accountant. Her quilts are precisely pieced and display a color sense that has garnered numerous awards and entry into a national quilt show. In a fashion similar to Rich’s work, Becky’s quilts are practical items that display a unique combination of color, design and craftsmanship. Her quilts are equally suited for display as wall hangings or for snuggling under on a cold night.

Their interests and talents are complementary, which, after over 40 years of marriage to each other, makes for an almost unconscious collaboration in the design process. It’s not uncommon for Rich to pick out fabrics for a quilt or Becky to influence the shape of a turning. Both put a premium on quality and craftsmanship.

Sawyer Creek itself is a dry creek that floods when heavy rains produce sufficient surface runoff. With enough rain, canoeing the creek is not out of the question. It runs through three acres of land behind Becky’s quilting studio and Rich’s workshop. This bucolic setting creates a relaxing backdrop that calms the soul and fosters creativity. The artisans of Sawyer Creek Artistry invite you to explore the website, view their creations, and appreciate the beauty of natural materials enhanced with human creativity.